Saturday, August 15, 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault Boba Fett

I'll confess right off the bat that this is nothing more than one of those, "Hey! Look what I did!" posts that everyone (including myself) skims through, but this one is important to this blog-owner, so there.

I have wanted to paint a good Boba Fett miniature for pretty much my entire time in this hobby. A few years ago, a small company called Knight Models released this version, which was great. . . but it was so limited in its release that it is still to this day way out of my comfort zone for single-miniature prices. So I've waited patiently.

I was very excited to see that Fantasy Flight was releasing a model of the bounty hunter later this month, and I was extra excited when they sold them a few weeks early at GenCon, enabling me to get my hands on one this week. A few fevered hours of painting later, and the armored villain takes his rightful place amid my other minis. Hooray!

A most-wanted addition to my painted collection
Thanks to all of you who have dutifully blogged on all of the various recent summer mini conventions. It all sounds great. One day. . .

Hope you are well, wherever you might be.

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