Saturday, October 25, 2014

All Hail the Dwarfmaster

Just another quick update/documentation post today showing a couple of dwarfs to add to the growing horde. It felt good to paint up a couple of stunties again for the first time in a while- painting big boots and beards is like slipping into a comfortable old pair of slippers for me.

The fella on the left is from Heartbreaker, and is a fairly recent (post-2000) Kev Adams sculpt that will fit in nicely with my second edition Bugman's unit. The sculpt is so well done that I wonder if calling Kev the "Goblinmaster" is actually shortchanging him. One thing I have definitely noticed over the years about Adams' sculpts is that he never seems to get lazy on his minis; even places that no one would be reasonably expected to see on a finished, painted mini (places like underneath arms held snug against the body, or undercut areas beneath tunics) Kev will continue to lavish detail. It's quite admirable, and when you combine that ethic with his considerable ability to bring character to a little lead figure, well- it's no surprise he is a legend. Well deserved.

The pretty little lady on the right is a female dwarf ranger from Reaper. Although I haven't done it the justice it probably deserves, the face is one of the best female faces I have ever had the pleasure of painting up. So, another earth-toned addition reports in.

I am definitely wishing I was in Baltimore at the moment, with my fellow yankees at OITNW. There's always next year, right?. Can't wait to see all the blog updates.

Cheers, brethren.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Undead. . .tober

Seems like every different WHFB race and their mothers are being celebrated this October. I just happen to be in "I really need to start getting stuff done before the end of the year" mode right now, and the undead minions we need for Barrowmaze just happens to be my own lucky chosen project du jour.

Zombies from Otherworld, a "Doombringer" from Studio 2 (he'll play the role of Revenant for us), a couple of wights from OW, and a quite-nice-if-a-tad-smallish wraith from Dark Sword.

Happy trick or treating next week, leadheads.