Saturday, August 15, 2015

Star Wars Imperial Assault Boba Fett

I'll confess right off the bat that this is nothing more than one of those, "Hey! Look what I did!" posts that everyone (including myself) skims through, but this one is important to this blog-owner, so there.

I have wanted to paint a good Boba Fett miniature for pretty much my entire time in this hobby. A few years ago, a small company called Knight Models released this version, which was great. . . but it was so limited in its release that it is still to this day way out of my comfort zone for single-miniature prices. So I've waited patiently.

I was very excited to see that Fantasy Flight was releasing a model of the bounty hunter later this month, and I was extra excited when they sold them a few weeks early at GenCon, enabling me to get my hands on one this week. A few fevered hours of painting later, and the armored villain takes his rightful place amid my other minis. Hooray!

A most-wanted addition to my painted collection
Thanks to all of you who have dutifully blogged on all of the various recent summer mini conventions. It all sounds great. One day. . .

Hope you are well, wherever you might be.

Friday, August 7, 2015

And Now For Something Completely STAR WARS

Insert rousing John Williams composition here
So, Fantasy Flight Games' Imperial Assault is all of the following:
1. Super fun to play with my entire family, including the six-year-old
2. Actually two games in one, since there are separate rulesets to play either the story-driven campaign missions, or the throw-down-and-slug-it-out "Skirmish Mode"
3. Totally worth it for the miniatures alone. . . IG-88!!!

My painting mojo is in overdrive right now. I have always wanted to paint up SW minis, but with only the old Grenadier models from the West End Games version to work with (not what I would exactly deem "crisp, detailed sculpts"), I never got the chance to do anything really exciting. And now, I have Boba Fett on the way in the post now. Pretty stoked on that.

The game really is great. I don't want to gush too much, but I give it my most enthusiastic approval.

Hope you are well, whether you made it to BOYL 2015, or Oldhammer in the New World 2015, or Gen Con 2015, or not. . .

I will continue to live vicariously through all you blessed bloggers. Thanks for what you do, lead brethren. Take care.