Sunday, February 22, 2015

Firers at the Ready

Another Sunday afternoon, another brief hobby update. Managed to tidy up the last remaining dorf crossbowmen this week, so the army is very nearly done. If I keep telling myself that, hopefully I will put the wrap on the whole thing sooner than later, right?
Dwarf Crossbowmen; Hasslefree (left and center) and Reaper (right)
The first two in this pic are yet more squeeky-clean sculpts from the talented hands of Kev White at Hasslefree. The last fella is my final Reaper dwarf, again looking a bit "heroic" in scale for my tastes, but that's the basic schtick for humanoids in the Dark Legends line.

Here's the full unit, arranged skirmisher stylie for your perusal (and my documentation):

Trompin' through the gravel of Ye Olde Worlde. P-Choo! P-Choo!
Wish I had something more important to say than "Hey! Look what I done!" Not feeling particularly deep or wordy these days.

Hope your world is either suitably characterful or 'orribly grimdark, whatever you fancy these days. Take care, brethren.


  1. Look great individually. Look great as a unit. Nicely done.

    1. Thanks much, Finch. The Hasslefree dwarves make it very easy to get decent results with the most basic of techniques. Good stuff.