Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Paddy's Day Infantry Parade

Just a quick mid-week update to celebrate the completion of my dwarven infantry. The last three foot soldier models join the fray, this time thanks to a couple of Perry Twin sculpts and a random Ral Partha stunty:
Ick. Photo's a little underexposed today. Sorry about that.
Here's a couple of group shots of the whole 25-strong unit. Lots of various manufacturers from lots of wargaming eras represented here. Plenty of green to go around on this 17th of March, huh? Spot anything interesting?

Happy St. Patrick's Day, lead peeps. Go have a pint of the black stuff on VeronaKid.


  1. A pint on you? Sounds like a plan.

    That wouldn't be the dwarf with no name lurking in the back rank, would it?

  2. It absolutely is, painted up as Yosemite Sam. Looking at this unit now, it's one of my more eclectic collections- there's a dwarf pirate, a dwarf cowboy, the "original" slayer in the form of Juggo from one of the early Citadel Compendiums, the first "White Dwarf," and at least six different miniature manufacturers represented. Hodge Podge.