Thursday, February 20, 2014

All Work And No Play. . .

It's been a very workman-like week here at the Clean Palette, Dirty Water Studios Internazionale, so this will be a very workman-like post. Just a quick update to show what I have been diligently slavering over for my orc-like commission overlord. Actually, he's a really nice guy, but man does he have a lot of glued 'n grey miniatures. . . I digress.

Managed to finish up an entire batch of (*insert drum roll here*) tents and huts. Ta da!

After a little digging on the interwebs, I was able to figure out that all of these except for the blue and white knight's tent are from a company called Scotia Grendel, which I had never heard of before looking for these. They are nice detailed pieces and painted up easily. My client was pretty insistent on the patchwork effect, which I wouldn't have gone for myself, but I think they look good on the table. The knight's tent is a metal miniature, and I have no idea where from. The patterning on the tent was a new interesting challenge for me- straight lines on a round, curved surface. I ended up drawing in the segments with a super thin marker and then painting in between the lines. Good stuff.

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