Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Gang's All Here

Took a little break from painting WFB minis this week to work on a Rogue Trader figure- the "Mad Punk" from the RT601 Adventurers code.

While I was working on her, I brought out the Sensei I purchased already painted earlier this year and finally got around to fixing up his face and armor. Of course, as long as I was tidying up this model, I figured it was a good chance to tidy up all of my RT Adventurers. . . one thing lead to another and several hours' worth of work later, the group was ready for their family picture:
I have several more of these types of figures in the queue. Now I am more anxious than ever to get back to them. So many figures to paint, so little time.

Hope you are well, wherever you might be.


  1. Brilliant, brilliant stuff, nothing screams Rogue Trader more than a bunch of multicoloured adventurers like those !
    Some real gold nuggets here and everyone is full of character.

    1. Thanks very much! They just don't make sci-fi minis like these anymore.

  2. Jesus H Christ!!!!!!!

    That's awesome!!!

    I agree with JB about the multicoloured aspect of these guys. You've done a fanatic job on them & now I feel bad that I haven't gotten anywhere near as close to you in finishing painting up my lead men :(

    Thanks & damn you all at once :)

    1. Thanks very much for the look in and the encouragement. The old RT minis are pure joy to work on. Shame they are getting so hard (and a bit pricey) to acquire. . .