Monday, January 19, 2015

"You Can't Tell Me This Woman Died By Falling Out of a Tree. . ."

"Well, what is it?"
Dunh dunh.      Dunh dunh.     Dunh dunh.


Well, Bulette by Grenadier, anyway. I believe they referred to this mini as a "Juggernaut," if memory serves me right. . .

I really wanted to paint something out of my normal earthtone comfort zone this week, hence the Smurfette blue scale tones. I need to find out if GW's Hawk Turquoise got remade during the most recent paint system re-ordering, as I discovered to my dismay while painting this guy that my pot was pretty much completely dried out. I'll try to save it, but if you know a good replacement, lemme know in the comments.

Have a great one, brethren. (And RIP, Belushi. You are missed.)


  1. Never seen this miniature before. Great work on what I'm sure will prove a staple dungeon critter. I believe that the obscurely-titled 'Sotek Green' is the new Citadel Colour alternative to Hawk Turquoise.

    1. Ooooooh. "Sotek Green," eh? I'll have to look for that one the next time I'm down at the FLGS. Don't know how often I will have the chance to throw a Bulette at the party, but I'd like to use him for humour effect once or twice, at least.

  2. I did 82 damage to a druid last night with one of these, all in one round. 36 damage with the bite, 12 damage with the one claw, 20 damage with the other (double damage critical), knocking the druid and backwards down a drop for an additional 14 damage.

    Much fun.

    Druid lived. Was 11th level.

    1. That's a pretty stunning set of rolls by the Bulette for damage. I can't believe that the druid lived through such an onslaught- 11th level, d8 for hit dice. . . either that druid had some pretty lucky rolls for hit points, or he got some serious help from elsewhere. Just curious- was your party hunting this monster in particular, or did he show up unexpectedly?

      Thanks for stopping by, Alexis. It's great to hear from you in these parts.