Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Sort of Religion

So, Sundays are normally the "game days" for my family. Saturdays are usually pretty packed, and Sunday morning we tend to get all the pre-week chores done, so Sunday afternoons are now reserved for getting out some sort of board, usually a pile of miniatures, and having a scrum.

The game of choice over the last six months or so now has been Pathfinder. Back before we started playing, I read a bunch of modern rulebooks for D&D, and they just didn't do it for me. Pathfinder also feels a bit too detailed and book-keepy, but I felt like the d20 system would be easier for everyone else to grasp as they are all first-time RPGers. If I had it to do again from the start, I would probably choose either the original version of AD&D or maybe even Warhammer Roleplay. Alas.

Here's a pic of the family's party. My older son (12) is the big half orc tank. My younger son (4) plays the ninja. . . of course. Wifey leads the party as a half elf cleric, and they are joined by the NPC summoner and her Battlecat-esque familiar "Sambo."

Half orc fighter, cleric, summoner, and pet are from Reaper; the ninja is an Anima Tactics fig
So far, we've played through one and a half modules, just to ease into the system. It's definitely been a very fun learning process for everyone. But every Sunday, like clockwork, my youngest starts asking to take out the minis and dice, so it must be working.

When there are no other players locally, you breed your own I guess.

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