Saturday, January 25, 2014

Otherworld Rules!

I took a break from both commission pieces and the dwarves last night so that I could get a wee head start on the project I am actually most excited about these days- my small (but growing!) collection of Otherworld dungeon adventurers. I can't say enough about the Otherworld miniatures- they are of an insanely high quality. Super detailed sculpts that have a very gritty, realistic feel to them. If people really did go down underground to seek out treasures and fight monsters during the middle ages, then I suppose that they would probably look a lot like:
Down into the deep with only a lantern, some oil, and whole lotta rope
A very, very kind family member was nice enough to get me the "Henchmen and Hirelings" set for Christmas this year, which includes this feller along with a whole bunch of other hired misfits . . . and a mule. One thing I really appreciate about these sets from Otherworld is that the bases are cast from metal as well, so the whole mini has a very nice heft to it.

So, 2014 is off to good start for me- this guy makes seven minis finished so far this year, and (perhaps more importantly) none purchased yet. Back to hired work of my own tomorrow, but for now- enjoy leaddites. Cheers!

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