Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yaaaaarrrrrgh. . .Citadel v. Foundry

Today's blast from the lead past is a batch I painted for my client back in July 2012, one of the first batches I ever did for him and probably one of my absolute favorites to work on. This group is primarily old Citadel pirates, mixed with a few Foundry re-releases, and at least one or two Grenadier minis as well. Enjoy!

Lots of old, filthy searats and . . . one lonely kobold

I am a big, big fan of a lot of these sculpts. The big fella in the blue pants in the center front was one of those magical minis that almost "painted itself." The guy with the crutch leg over on the far left is allegedly a portrait of one of the early Citadel employees- bonus points to anyone who can name who it is!

Buenos noches, Fratris en Plumbum.


  1. I'd bet it is Ian Livingstone himself ! Apologies if I'm wrong... ^^

    I thought I had already seen this big pirate beore but he share the same base as this Chaos thug :

    Funny thing how he actually looks good in both roles (both splendid brush work help I have to say).

    1. Close guess on the mini homage, but not Livingstone. Ian did get sculpted as part of the Citadel personalities set brandishing a baseball bat. :)

      I had actually never seen that chaos thug you linked me to- what a great mini and what a spectacular paint job there! So many great artists at work in the old hammer world!

    2. I got confused but I actually meant Steve Jackson...

    3. There ya go! Ten thousand internet points to the man with no ass! You, sir, truly know your ol' time Citadel trivia!