Sunday, January 5, 2014

They're Only Getting Dustier. . .

I reckon I have put this off for long enough. I've been at this hobby now for all of my adult life- twenty years of collecting, assembling, painting, scenario-writing, and obsessing over little lead soldiers. But few things give me as much joy as bouncing around gaming thoughts and ideas with friends, so why not share all these little adventures with the like-minded amongst you?

I also need to have a record of all the miniature painting I am doing. Hence the blog.

I am currently working on a number of projects of my own, but I spend the vast majority of my hobby time doing commission work. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found a client who values my time and talents enough to keep me almost constantly stocked with old lead that I paint for him; in return, the proceeds from those painting projects almost fully fund my own acquisitions. It's an absolute joy to paint for him- he shares the same love for older miniatures that I do, and the depth of his collection never ceases to amaze me.

So, to kick off 2014, here's a picture of the painting "plan" for my own collection for the year, along with the first completed miniature from the plan- an old Grenadier dwarf standard bearer who will have the honor of leading one of the mismatched, drunken units of dwarven warriors in my growing WHFB (3e) army. The army is based around the exploits of a certain brewmaster, and the alcohol-obsessed entourage of rangers he surely leads across the mountains of the Old World. Many more details on that army will follow. I have the miniatures on the plan already, and to keep me on track during the year, I am going to adhere to a "one-in, five-out" rule. So, before I can even begin to think about getting anything else from fleabay, I still have another four minis I have to finish first. . .

I've used plans like this in the past to good result, but good gravy- that's a LOT to get done

I also managed to put the final ink washes on the first commission piece of the year yesterday. My client's first batch for 2014 is all blacksmith and armoury-related scenery, so to kick off the year I painted up his demonic forge. I suspect this is an old Ral Partha piece, but if anyone knows better, I'd love to hear in the comments.

Lots of different textures on this mini- a real cracker

Best wishes to all of you. It's been a joy re-discovering my love for 80's-90's minis through everyone else's blogs the last few years. Here's to hoping that maybe I can help do the same.

First post done.


  1. Welcome to blogtown. Judging by the contents of your photos I imagine I'll be dropping in quite a bit! (Throw up a follow button when you get a chance.)

    1. Cheers, Saturday! Thanks for the encouragement. I've added buttons to subscribe via feed or email. Please let me know if there is something else useful to add. . . still learning the ropes of the program!

    2. Yep, there's a follow list gadget you can add, it's probably the easiest way to subscribe to the blog.

  2. Glad to add yours to my bloglist, some very promising things ahead !