Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back To the Really Good Grind

Just a quick update post today showing progress on some armory pieces, along with a WIP of the next little group of dwarven rangers. The commission minis are from an assortment of manufacturers, but I know for sure that the big weapons rack with the shields is from the old Heroquest box. I'd guess the other big rack is an Armorcast piece because of the parchment-colored resin that it is cast in (blechhh).

The dwarfs are a mix of C-series and Fantasy Tribes from Citadel. But you probably already knew that. The dwarf thief on the far left is from the BC1 Dungeon Adventurers' Starter Set,  released in 1985. You can already see Citadel's move away from more "realistic" proportions towards the big-head-and-beard shape prevalent in the Marauder sculpts just a few years later. I love the Perry Brothers' sculpting of cloaks in the Fantasy Tribes series- it makes them dovetail very nicely with the other ranger figs, and gives them a rough 'n ready, on-the-trail sort of look.

I usually just use up "extra" paint on my palette during commission work to add glazes to my own minis during the in-between drying times on basecoats. That way, I can get through a fairly large batch of focused, hired work in a month, and still make good progress on whatever I want to get done for myself. Sustainable lead consumption, no?

Good evening, fratris en plumbum.

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