Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nick Lund Is Also Really Swell

So, of all the things about the Ansell-era of Citadel that I love that have completely disappeared over the years, my favorite may be the box sets of metal miniatures that the company used to release. The Dungeon Monsters Starter Set, the Goodly Knights of Law. . . they were like little bite-sized painting projects allowing you to try out painting characters for new forces without splurging on whole units designed to be part of a giant army. Perhaps most importantly, they allowed for the creation of wonderful little skirmish forces or groups for dungeon crawls right out of the box.

I think that Nick Lund's Mighty Ugezod's Death Commandos, released under the Chronicle "sub-brand," might be the best of the bunch. A few years ago, shortly after I picked up this box on fleabay, I read in a few online forums that Lund's sculpts weren't (and still aren't) exactly loved universally. This stunned me, as I think his crouched over, hunched-up orcs are so much more savage and downright "orky" looking than the goofier ones the company regularly releases. There is a wildness and a ferocity to these guys that I feel are lacking in a lot of greenskin sculpts. The shaman from the set has got to be on my top ten list, and all those shields just beg for the Blanchitsu treatment. Dunno- I guess it's all personal preference, but I like them a lot.
My version of Eeza and his boys. Makes for a heck of a good Skulldred skirmish force.
On the commission front, I managed to get the finishing glazes done last night on a batch of tables, headed for a 12th century fantasy blacksmith near you.
Anyone need a file? Pliers perhaps? Maybe an eight-foot pole arm?

That's all for me this evening. Buenos noches, lead lovers.


  1. Completely agree about Nick Lund - the dwarves rocked too!

  2. I haven't had the pleasure of "landing" any of the Chronicle dwarfs. . . yet. I am quite certain that, once the army expands beyond my initial 2014 plans, they will be on my short list of wants.

    If you have any of them painted up, I'd love to have a look. :)

    1. There are some pics on my blog - I've been going for a similar feel - a mix of Asgard, Chronicle, Grenadier, Citadel (pre slotta, slotta and even an odd finecast model bizarrely). The paintjobs don't match up to your work btw! I'm distinctly amateur.

    2. You underestimate your abilities, my good man. I've seen your blog now and I'm impressed. Love those old dwarfs!